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New York City

Est. 2017

“It was last year. I walked into a dive bar on Ave A in Manhattan. It was late. We just wanted a drink to end the night. I could see a crowd of people trying to get into the room in back. A pounding beat was echoing, a chanting voice was piercing over the top like a mantra to some futuristic ritual. Hard to resist. As we pushed our way through the crowd to the sound of a screeching saxophone scrambling on the floor, a half naked body fell to his knees. Microphone lead triple wrapped around his neck. Reaching to capture the sound from the saxophone, veins bulging, his face became faint. A few people pushed through the crowed to tap him out. I thought this kid was going to die right before my eyes. I was pushed to the back of the room as more people rushed in to see.

I turned away for a moment to see my friend's reaction. Like what the fuck is going on here? Her face was fixed to the ceiling. I turn back and now he's above us, upside down hanging from the water sprinkler. Are we all about to take a shower together? He points to me in the far corner and shouts “If it wasn’t for you I’d be trapped in the zoo” over and over and over and over. And I believe him. Well I can tell you it wasn’t the last drink for the night." - Anonymous Yelp Review 2017

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