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Julian + Jehnny Beth = Boy/Girl

December 4, 2015


Cult Records and Pop Noire Records are pleased to announce the release of a special collaboration between Julian and Jehnny Beth (Savages).

The two joined forces to duet on a cover of “Boy-Girl”, originally released by seminal Danish punk band, Sort Sol featuring Lydia Lunch.

"Sort Sol are cult in Denmark, and today very influential in the Copenhagen scene (Iceage etc...).  I would be pleased to make their name known better," adds Jehnny Beth.

The collaboration stems from the pair’s mutual admiration after meeting while on tour in South America, and having an interest in finding a way to work together.

The idea to collaborate became to take shape when Johnny Hostile (Savages producer) suggested the song to Jehnny.  Both recorded the bulk of the song in Paris, before it was handed to Julian to perfect.

Casablancas notes: “I had never heard the song before and still have no idea what the hell the words are talking about. It sounds like a Danish dude trying sound like he’s saying English sounding words”.

The music video was directed by long time visual collaborator and Cult Records’ creative director, Warren Fu.  The short film pays homage to the original version released in the 80s, featuring sparse production with solo vignette performances.  Shots of Jehnny Beth were filmed in London by Giorgio Testi.

The song will be released as a limited edition 7” vinyl single on December, 18th, with a special B-side remix by Pop Noire's producer Johnny Hostile, available for purchase now along with a bundle option with limited edition t-shirt below in the new Cult Records Megamall!

The track is available for digital download as well in the Megamall for $.75, in addition to all other digital retail and streaming platforms.


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