The Strokes Announce Chicago Concert in Support of Congressional Candidate Kina Collins

The Strokes' statement below:

It is our great honor to help support progressive, caring human beings who are not captured by corporate power. Though Kina Collins is running for a Democratic district for Congress, we essentially consider her Independent... 

But above all, we believe Kina will do a wonderful job representing Chicagoans of all classes, creeds, color and background to build a stronger, more united, and more just world when she gets to Washington D.C.

We need more people like her in government and hopefully this is the beginning of a much-needed groundswell of justice-minded citizens replacing the old guard of corporate-approved defalcators and bribe-taking pilferers who have left us with mediocrity and inequality for far too long.

We will play a very special show March 8 at Chicago’s Credit Union One Arena in support of Kina Collins, gun violence prevention advocate and Democratic candidate for Congress in IL-07. Chicago’s own Beach Bunny + NNAMDÏ are joining us. Tickets for the show go on sale Friday, February 2 at 10am CT at this link.

A poster for The Strokes concert for Kina Collins, supported by Beach Bunny and NNAMDÏ on March 8th, 2024 at Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago


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